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Canyon Hill Cabin location offers an authentic country vacation set in the hollers of Dougherty, OK, near the Arbuckle Lake and Mountains. Dougherty is tiny town neighboring Davis, OK and Sulphur, OK.


Many stories have filtered down through the ages of how the town received its name. Our favorite and the best one by far is that of a railroad man, by the name of Dougherty. Said man jumped off the train and fell in the mud. A fellow Santé Fe Railway worker shouted out “There lies Dougherty” and voila...


More plausible, is the story that the town was named for early day Texas settler, Bill Dougherty. Perhaps the town was named after the prosperous and prestigious banker from Gainesville Texas, William Dougherty. Regardless of the true version, the common trend is that all stories lead back to the given name Dougherty in 1887.


Canyon Hill Cabin was originally built in the 1930’s and has preserved its little dirt road, also known as Canyon Hill Lane, named by my grandparents Danny  and Betty Stephens. 


We welcome you to enjoy our little paradise, while exploring local attractions and the waters of the Arbuckles!


Step- by- Step Directions:

  • Follow I-35 to US-77 S in Murray County. Take exit 51 from I-35 S

  • Take OK- 77D E, which will turn into Key Starr Trail all the way through Dougherty (20 min or 7.4 miles). You will pass Turner Falls and Arbuckle Wilderness.

  • Drive  through Dougherty down Main Street. As you exit the town, Canyon Hill Lane will be on your right.

  • Take the dirt road, pass the cabin with the blue roof and continue to the top of the hill.

  • Welcome to Canyon Hill Cabin!!!








"Any ole' place I can hang my hat, is Home Sweet Home to me."

- William Jerome


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